Interactive Media


Interactive media comes in many forms.

  • Forms requesting information, or a contact to and from your company.
  • Slideshow presentation about your product or service compiled and embedded using Slideshare, or PowerPoint and
  • Printable coupons offering your customers a discount.
  • A simple shopping cart or PayPal button so that your visitors can buy a product, pay for a service, or make a donation to your organization.
  • Interactive media can also be a pdf file that your visitor downloads for more information, or a pdf form to complete and submit.
  • It might be a simple subscription form for your newsletter.

This is just a small sampling of interactivity. There are, of course, flash animations, games, streaming media, live broadcasts, digital publishing, epubs, and many, many more possibilities.

Regardless of your industry or profession, we can brainstorm and create the appropriate interactive media content that will inform, delight, and engage your audience.  And if you need something special done that we cannot do – we are connected with people who can do many amazing digital feats.


Sample Slideshow from Slideshare:

Sample Slideshow:

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